Do Players and Casinos Find New Zealand Law Friendly to Online Casinos?

Online casinos are gaining popularity in New Zealand, like in most parts of the world. The New Zealand law favourable for players and casinos? New Zealanders are allowed to gamble in onlinecasino-newzealand at will but should stick within the law.

The Nuances of New Zealand's Online Gambling Law

New Zealanders are allowed to take part in gambling activities at kit-telemarketing, including online gambling. The Department of Internal Affairs oversees these activities. Some of these activities include lottery, mobile gaming, poker, and horse racing— provided it’s within the country’s borders.

It All Started With Horse Racing

In New Zealand, gambling has proper documentation under the law. It was done in the early 1830s. During this time, the New Zealanders would place bets on horse racing. Today, these laws have a wide reach to include mobile gaming.

New Zealand Legal Online Gambling

New Zealanders are unsure about the gaming environment in their country, given the numerous changes happening in this space. The citizens want a guarantee of safety and legitimacy of online casinos before they can get down to business. This is why:

  • New Zealanders are a law-abiding people
  • Gaming in New Zealand has been part of the culture since the 1800s
  • Safety of information is of crucial importance to gamers

What Is George Julius’ Impact on New Zealand Gambling?

George Julius was a New Zealand citizen who not only had a great impact on the country’s gaming space and in world gaming. His invention was so powerful that it defined the basic rules of gambling that we know about today.

Julius created the tote board popularly referred to as the automatic totalisator. This is the machine that people today take for granted, placed the racing field strategically to alert the audience about the positions of horses in the race.

What Was the Impact of His Invention?

Julius changed how horse racing gambling is viewed. He brought an element of precision that was not available before. Gamblers could now tell the position of the house that they bet against. This brought confidence among gamblers.

What Is Gambling Expenditure in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a gambling expenditure in billions. The country has banned gambling but lifted the ban. After the lift of the ban took effect on the gambling expenditure of the country grew to $NZ 2 billion per annum.

  • Pokies contributed 35% of the total amount
  • Casinos made 26% of the amount
  • Lottos contributed 21% of the amount
  • Sports betting made 18% of the amount

What Are Gaming Sites Required to Do?

All betting sites and public gaming facilities are obligated to donate some amounts from their profit to the community. This money is supposed to improve the lives of communities living in New Zealand. New Zealanders based abroad can bet online.

What Were the Very First Gambling Laws to Be Put in Place in New Zealand?

Bookmarking was made illegitimate in the year 1960, while betting on horse races was permitted in 1962. All the other forms of gambling were put under strict rules until in 1980 when the parliament gave casinos the green light.

When Were Slot Machines Legalized?

The slot machines are also known as pokies in New Zealand, were legalized a few years after the 1980 parliamentary approval of gambling activities. This applied to casinos. The very first casino in New Zealand came to life in the year 1994.

Today, gambling activities in New Zealand are controlled by the Gambling Act of 2003. The act prohibits all forms of gambling unless the government gives the green light itself. This also includes the slot machines in the casino.

What Laws Govern Modern Gambling in New Zealand?

The Gambling act of 2003 controls all the gambling activities in New Zealand. This law is implemented through the Department of Internal Affairs. According to the law, gambling is classified into four where each class has its unique license.

Players have to be above the age of 20 years to go into a casino. However, anyone who has attained 18 years is allowed to take part in lotteries, sports betting, and scratch cards. Why are these gambling laws important?

  • To control the gaming industry
  • To protect citizens against exploitative casinos
  • To protect minors from participating in gambling activities

Gaming platforms from overseas have to be granted permission to advertise in New Zealand. However, players can bet on casinos from overseas as long as they have met all the requirements provided by the law of the land.

Is Online Casino New Zealand Law Friendly?

Online casino law in New Zealand falls under the Gambling Act 2003. The law provides a minimum requirement for gamblers. Once these laws are met, everyone is allowed to conduct business as they see fit. Both player and casino is protected.

There are no laws limiting online gambling in New Zealand. You will not be prosecuted for playing any of your favourite games online. However, you have to do a background check on the casino before committing yourself to a game.

These laws are very friendly to players and casino owners alike. They ensure everyone’s interest is protected. The players can feel safe while playing. Casino owners, on the other hand, are kept in the straight and narrow by the New Zealand laws.